New York City, September 29, 2001, just eighteen days after  9/11....

In a city still reeling from loss and blinded by fear, two families of immigrants,
one Arab/Muslim and the other Black/Caribbean, clash in the city's volatile
environment tinged with paranoia and fear.

How will these families relate to each other in this "new" New York where
racial paradigms have shifted and hidden prejudices are revealed?

How will the members of the Arab-American family react now that they are
being treated with the same suspicion and distrust that was once solely
reserved for their black counterparts?

Will the Black family get swept up in the hysteria of the times and seize upon
this opportunity to settle old scores turn their backs on another community
of people that has been unfairly vilified?

Or will the experience of having been marginalized inform the way that
members of both families begin to see each other and think about

Watch the drama play itself out on this fateful day when members of these
families meet in the overheated interiors of a 24-hour Laundromat and in the
airless confines of a New York City taxicab.

Things they normally would never say are said.  And things they would never
do are done.

When it is all over, find out what these families will discover in the aftermath
and who will remain standing after they expose, NEW YORK'S DIRTY