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Caribbean Beat blog, posted Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jamaican-born actress and filmmaker, Patrice Johnson, tackles the question of how members of minority
groups related to each other post 9/11 in her new film, NY'S DIRTY LAUNDRY, which is set to premiere on
March 16th and 18th at 6:30 pm at the Pioneer Theater in New York City.

The 78-minute film is set in New York and focuses on a moment in the lives of two immigrant families that
fatefully intersect 18 days after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The piece is an ensemble effort
based on two true stories. One focuses on Muhammed, an Arab-American taxi driver, superbly portrayed
by Jesse J. Perez, who begins to fall apart after repeatedly being targeted by New Yorkers. He meets
Crystal, an African-American woman of Caribbean parentage, played by Johnson. Crystal enters
Muhammed's cab in lower Manhattan and becomes irate when he refuses to drive her home to Brooklyn.

The second story unfolds in a laundromat located in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Sparks fly after Masuda, an Arab-
American laundromat manager with limited English facility (delicately played by Nava Namdar) adamantly
refuses to reimburse an older Caribbean-American woman whose $20 bill got stuck in the malfunctioning
coin changer.

The film is brutally honest in portraying how the terrorist attacks shifted long held racial paradigms such
that previously reviled groups like African-Americans and Black immigrants from the Caribbean were
suddenly being embraced as "authentic" Americans, whereas Arab-American immigrants were increasingly
marginalized and vilified.

Johnson and members of her family – her sister Marsha Johnson, a graduate of Harvard College and
University of Pennsylvania Law School; music producer, Bobby Johnson of Ubigwitus Entertainment; and
Leonie Johnson-Sena, a noted psychiatrist with degrees from Cornell University – formed God-And-All-O-
Wee Productions in 2001.

Johnson was last seen on Broadway in The Crucible, which was directed by award-winning director, Sir
Richard Eyre. Her acting credits include television and film, but Johnson felt compelled to step behind the
cameras lens as well to "tell our stories, change our images, and strengthen our voices."

For a truly unique vision of New York in the tumultuous days after 9/11, check out NY'S DIRTY LAUNDRY
at the Pioneer Theater on March 16th and 18th at 6:30 pm.

Marsha Johnson
God-And-All-O-Wee Productions
(917) 971-3370
"Labbrish" WBAI Radio Interview, March 10, 2007

Listen to Marsha and Patrice's interview on "Labbrish", a radio program on WBAI hosted by Habte
Salassie and produced by Ian Forest.  In the interest of full disclosure, both gentlemen are good friends
and long time supporters of God-And-All-O-Wee Productions.

The archive of the program is available through the following link: (The interview begins approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes
into the program, so you may want to scroll forward to that moment to hear the full interview.)   
Kings County -  Movie Review in Variety - 29k -  

New York Daily News Article
Local actress a Cannes-do director

Monday, May 7th 2007, 2:35 PM

For Patrice Johnson, filmmaking truly is a family affair.  Thanks to her mother, five sisters and three
brothers, Johnson is traveling from Canarsie to the famed Cannes Film Festival in southern France next
There, she will screen the movie she wrote, directed, acted in and edited - "NY's Dirty Laundry," about
prejudice after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.........
Patrice talks to BFM at Cannes 2007 on You Tube

                                 NY's Dirty Laundry tackles the question of how members of minority
groups related to each other post 9/11.  The 78-minute film is set in New York .......