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Ny's Dirty Laundry is an award winning independent film that explores hot button themes
and issues that we now find ourselves grappling with, in this post 9/11 world.  

Patrice Johnson, writer/director/actor of Ny's Dirty Laundry will hold a Q & A after each
She is also available to speak on topics such as

Independent filmmaking from idea to distribution

My personal path to filmmaking - How I went from engineering to actor to writer/director and what I have
learned in the process as a woman, an African American and an immigrant.

Before the camera vs. Behind the Camera  - The differences between being the artist who gets chosen for a
role and is responsible for a single vision vs. the role of the director who is responsible for the whole and the
preparation for each.

The essentials of Guerilla Style Filmmaking  - The art and craft of producing a low cost film.  How to think
outside of the box and still create your vision.

Dealing with cultural or racially charged subjects in quality ways - Addressing controversial topics on screen.

How do you produce against all odds - How to make your budget work/Focusing on what you have instead of
what you don't have.

The pros and cons of working outside of the system - What works when and why and when to decide to do it
yourself vs. when to wait.

Writing and Directing/ A woman's perspective - Your preparation for each and how they work together.

Getting Distribution - How distribution works as an independent filmmaker and how to deal with this challenge.

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